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Bread Benefits Q&A with Native Palms Nutrition

Bread Benefits Q&A with Native Palms Nutrition

We're starting a monthly nutrition Q&A with our favorite nutrition experts. We're excited to kick-off the first convo with our friend Lyssandra!

INSTAGRAM LIVE: Friday, Feb.26th @1:30pm PT

Join the convo, hang out, ask Q's ~ Hope to see you there! 

Lyssandra Guerra

HOLISTIC NUTRITIONIST & ENERGY KINESIOLOGIST, and the founder of Native Palms Nutrition.  She is here to dispel a number of dietary misconceptions and controversies.  Using science and intuition, Lyssandra has synthesized incredible results with her clients after adapting her food-first methodology. 

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Lizzy Boelter 

A pioneer of a new way of thinking about bread for health. She is the head baker and product innovator behind Super Bloom Bakery. Lizzy has transformed bread to be a vehicle for change in a broken food system and created a supplement for health and people living with chronic disease.

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