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Commitment to Climate Change

Commitment to Climate Change

It's the little things sometimes. . . 

Here at Super Bloom, we believe it's OUR responsibility as a company to make moves toward sustainability. We are committed to the fight against climate change. One step we’ve taken is our packaging! Since 90% of plastics are single use, and end up in landfills, we thought it was important focus on this change in our business. A while ago, we made the switch to compostable cellophane bags for our breads and other products. We wanted to reduce the amount of plastics in our packaging all together, starting with the bread bags.

During the hotter months of the year we use our "space bags" which keep our breads cool. Our cooler bags and ice packs are reusable as well! In fact, you can turn your favorite tote into a lunch bag by using the cooler bag and ice packs to keep food cool throughout the day! Just sink the cooler bag into the bottom of the tote, add refrozen ice packs and your food and fold over the top of the bag. Instant picnic, and fashion. 

Don’t know about y'all, but we are always bringing food with us everywhere ~ beach picnics, to-go food, road trips, etc. Being gluten-free/vegan people we are very limited at restaurants, cafes and corner stores. When we venture out into the world it is a must to make sure there is something for us to eat, even if it means bringing a cooler bag of just-in-case-breads and snacks to get us through the day. Reusing our cooler bags and ice packs is a great way to reduce waste, and to make sure our food needs are met on the daily. It's great for travel as well! We’ve been known to whip out a few slices of Super Bloom breads to accompany a meal at a restaurant or cafe. We’ve also been known to book hotels with a kitchenette to make healthy food when we're away from home. A quick trip to a local health food store and a few Super Bloom bagels make mornings on the road a total pleasure and helps us keep up with all the things we do to stay healthy and happy.

Views through a bagel... 📷 

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