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Pumpernickel Pleasure

Pumpernickel Pleasure

Our twist on a classic...

Traditional Pumpernickel is made from cracked whole grain rye and was developed by german peasants who needed to make healthful bread but had no access to a grain mill. Often fortified with molasses, cocoa powder or coffee, this dark and bitter bread is packed with nutrients and the Super Bloom version is no different! We start with our 100% naturally fermented sourdough base, adding only coffee and caraway seeds for color and health benefits.

According to Healthline, coffee has LOADS of surprising health benefits. Coffee improves brain function, helps burn fat, improves physical performance, fights depression and contains the HIGHEST levels of antioxidants in the American diet. Read about it here.

Caraway seeds are also full of health benefits like reducing inflammation and encouraging healthy digestion. Read about it here.

Although pumpernickel is great with pastrami and sauerkraut, we like it with vegan butter, jam and a cup of coffee.

Here's a playlist inspired by the unique flavors in our pumpernickel, made by Hae. Press play, grab coffee and a enjoy a slice of pleasure....

"I’d like to think of our Pumpernickel loaf as the cool kid of our bunch. It’s the bad ass twin to our sourdough loaf, off doing their own thing and not giving a damn what anybody thinks. They’re a little spicy and a little caffeinated but a real softy once you warm them up." - Hae 


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