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Best Bread Friend | Rachel Katz

Best Bread Friend | Rachel Katz

We are super inspired by women who take their biggest personal challenge in life and somehow use it as a springboard for success. One to watch: Rachel Katz.

Who is she? @rachel_katz 

She’s a yoga teacher, Intuitive Nutritional Scientist (B.S.), certified Alternative Nutritionist, and host of, The Full Life Podcast. We like her.

After surviving clinical depression, anxiety, OCD, and an eating disorder that had her weighing as little as 88 lbs, she created a wellness brand centered around thoughtful self care and healing from trauma. We like her approach to nutrition: “No food is bad food.” No one diet or lifestyle will work for everyone, and food shaming is never OK.

Her Instagram feed and podcasts are stocked with simple, reasonable advice for living that we all need to take from time to time. She’s not afraid to get personal. In one episode of her podcast, she discusses toxic positivity in social media with two of her close friends: Julian and Alex. 

Julian says: The “get over it mindset” is harmful and it shows that something you are feeling and expressing is making them uncomfortable.

Alex says: Its, “unrealistic to be happy all the time.” and toxic positivity ignores the need to look at the deeper wounds recent trauma can open back up.

Rachel says: Sometimes being “mentally over it is not enough, your body will react and you have no control over it”

So Rachel takes to the internet posting guided meditations, interviews with doctors and wellness industry pros and even a blog called: “how to stay grounded during uncertain times”

My favorites from that post:

    • "Put your phone on airplane mode before bed & don’t turn it off of airplane mode in the AM until you’ve had a full morning routine."
    • "Take your socks and shoes off and walk around barefoot outside"
    • "Do one self-care activity a day, whether it’s throwing on a face mask, doing your makeup simply to uplift your spirit, baking something yummy, or watching trash reality TV, pick one small self-care activity to do for yourself every day.”
    • Yes, watching trash TV is self care.

Rachel loves our bread and we love collaborating with her!

Here is what she says about us:

“Super Bloom bakery makes the best gluten-free & vegan sourdough EVER and makes me feel less sad about not being able to eat gluten!”

“My favorite way to eat the bread is with some organic butter + raw cheddar or as a sandwich with scrambled eggs, bacon, avo, arugula & rosemary or garlic mayo!”

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