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Iylla's Snack Booster

Iylla's Snack Booster

It's Women's Month and we’re celebrating the women that founded Super Bloom 🌺🌸🌼

Meet IYLLA -  She’s one of our founders and we wouldn’t be Super Bloom without her!  Iylla is responsible for our pushing our brand forward with beautiful design and strategic partnerships. Her creativity and wit give us life.✨


“I love snacking. I’ve been bugging Lizzy to make crackers for me for what feels like foreeeever. She finally does (🔥fire crackers 🔥) and it’s what I’ve pictured in my minds 👁 . Long thin slightly spicy flatbread dream crisps I can graze on all day long. I like to keep it simple and lit dip a cracker in any Misha's vegan cheeses, then top with flowering herbs. I found several beautiful herbs in bloom at the Hollywood Farmers Market last weekend:


Incredible source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps maintain focus and alertness while boosting the immune system and improving blood circulation. 

Brassica Rapa (aka. Field Mustard Greens)

This beautiful miracle plant is a major anticancer and antioxidant producer. It  decreases stress and detoxifies the body while stimulating the immune system and preventing cancers. So good. 

Arugula Flowers

These pearl-colored four-petaled flowers are in bloom on a cancer fighting powerhouse plant, Arugula. There is a long list of health benefits with this plant: aids in weight loss, reduces inflammation, detoxifies the liver, high in vitamin B which aids in high brain function and reduces cognitive decline... not to mention it's really tasty. " - iylla 🌺

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