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Hot Box


Get a big dose of heat in our Hot Box. It's everything spicy in one box: 3 Jalapeno Bagels, 3 Togarashi Bagels and a box of our Fire Crackers.

Jalapeno Bagels: We use fresh jalapenos mixed into our sourdough to make this bagel. It's a medium level spice that has a sharp bite when you run into a chunk of the chopped peppers. The long fermentation process quickly pickles the jalapenos, mellowing out the heat in the bagel.

Togarashi Bagels: This is our answer to the everything bagel, but spicy. We dip our sourdough bagels in Togarashi or Japanese 7 spice. It's got black and white sesame, poppy, cayenne and szechuan pepper, nori flakes and citrus zest. This combination goes extremely well with anything you’d put on a bagel, even nut butter and jam!

Fire Crackers: We mix our togarashi spice into these crisp crackers to give them, well, FIRE. Crunchy and a little spicy, these crackers make the perfect snack. Half are made with activated charcoal to detox your system.