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Holiday Gift Guide

-- LIZZY, Head Baker Content Maker --

Nucifera Body


Technically not a food item, but hear me out. Meredith Baird is a raw, vegan chef and cookbook author who turned her skills into the most heavenly body products. Her ingredients are, of course, so good you could eat it (but, like, don’t eat it). Her curated line of small batch body product are all multi-use, genderless, plant based and made with the cleantest ingredients. My favorite product is The Stick. Its great for healing up my dry cracked hands after months of washing them every 5 minutes . . . And it all smells AMAZING 

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Oracle Olive Oil

Who doesn’t love a beautiful bottle of expensive olive oil once in a while? Enter Oracle Oil. Pressed from organic Koroneiki greek olives, this oil has a higher smoke point than usual so its great to cook with and to drizzle on salads. This year, they are offering recipe cards with each bottle for the holidays! 

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Beauty Bar Chocolate

Look, this chocolate is, well, its everything: Sugar-Free, Plant-Based, fair trade, Keto, and loaded with collagen, adaptogens and superfoods. AND, its really really delicious. Id recommend gifting the full collection: one of each bar she makes! 

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Hinterland Empire Coffee

One of my absolute favorite humans (Alex Cichon) is half the duo that roasts this lovely coffee. It's everything you want out of a high end coffee: single origin, lightly roasted coffee made by radical queers in the Pacific North West. They offer subscriptions and the coffee is only $12.50 a bag!!! The Chiapas is my favorite. 

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Oaktown Spice Shop

This is one of the best spice shops in the country! When it opened in Oakland, in a former barber shop, the walls were lined with jars upon jars of the most aromatic and beautiful spices i had ever seen. The shichimi togarashi spice blend made its way onto many bay area menus that year. There are gift boxes available, and the bakers delight box has everything you need in your sweet spice arsenal. 

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-- IYLLA, Design & Brand Ace --

Stack Magazine Subscription

I LOVE THIS SUBSCRIPTION. Stack searches out the best independent magazines and delivers them to your door... doesn't get much better than that. The best and most low-key way to get inspired.  

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Face Vessel Glass 

 Handblown glassware that is functional and freaky good. 

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Totem Candles

 The Totem Candle is cast in unscented paraffin wax from forms originally created by turning beeswax on a lathe. Each candle is like a small sculpture, elevating it from an everyday pillar candle into a special object.

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Wild Flowers Dried Sage

 California desert sage with assorted dried flowers. These smudge sticks have a base of California Desert Sage SUSTAINABLY HARVESTED CERTIFIED ORGANIC. Known for its healing and energetic cleansing properties. Fresh dried organic flowers wrapped around the Sage. Each Smudge stick comes with a Blessing Card. 

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Passion Flower Herbal Smokes

Super soothing....the Passion Flower herbal smoke blend is a floral aphrodisiac created for pleasure and sensuality. 100% Organic Ingredients: Rose, Damiana, Passion Flower, Lavender, Peppermint, and Mullein.

-- HAE, Ops Ninja --

August Bitters

 My former Bar Manager from my bartending days has turned her talents to a different kind of elixir: herbal medicinal bitters! The wellness remedy would make a great gift for anyone that falls victim to the winter sniffles.

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Lisa Ruby Wellness


 One of our closest friends and favorite yogis offers private iyengar yoga sessions via zoom! Its especially important to support our yogis and healers throughout this pandemic. Gift a private session with Lisa and get realigned! She teaches poses that relax and heal, and a private session gets you all of her attention! Email to book a private session.

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Au Courant Jewelry

 We met Sachi Lee at the Melrose Place Farmer’s Market. Her cute, trendy and affordable jewelry makes great gifts. I got Lizzy’s Mom a pair of the pearl threader earrings for her birthday! Lizzy loves the thicc chain collection, so check those out too.

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Show and Tell

 Show and Tell was a little shop in downtown Oakland that worked to create community for BIPOC, Queer (and all the intersections in between) folks. Now based online, they sell hand tie dyed shirts and socks that are super affordable, and you can feel good about diverting your dollars to a Black, Queer owned small business. They also have home goods, candles and unique jewelry!

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Laurie Shapiro 

 Known for her immersive installation artworks, Laurie Shapiro is one of our favorite artists. Luckily, you can purchase a little piece of her work right on her website! The coolest thing she makes, these glowing balls of rainbow-y floral light, have been translated into something you can easily display at home: a limited edition, hand painted drum lampshade. She's got prints and apparel too but I think the lampshade is the most unique gift ever!

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