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Loaf Guide

Can’t decide which loaf you should get? Here is a little loaf guide: 

Best bread for . . . A Sandwich

Brioche. It's the softest of our breads, a little sweet and perfectly yeasty. It toasts up the fastest too. (photo by @ashrosewellness)

A Cheese Board

Super Seed. The savory spices will enhance the different flavors on your board and the colorful seeds will contrast beautifully with the white and yellow cheeses.

A Gift

Abundance Loaf. This loaf was created to bless us with Abundance in the new year. Its aromatic and celebratory but versatile enough to make holiday leftover sandwiches with . . .

A Skeptic

Pumpernickel. Its flavor is SPOT ON. Any brown bread lover will love this bread. Don’t tell them there’s no rye, They’ll never know.


Sourdough. Long fermented, completely sugar free, full of prebiotic fibers, our delicious classic sourdough is a great everyday every way bread. Also, this loaf makes the BEST grilled cheese you’ve ever had: crisp, but soft and slightly acidic from the sourdough culture, pairs great with fatty, salty, melty cheese.

Special Occasions

Olive Loaf. Loaded with Castelvetrano Olives and fresh rosemary, this bread is the perfect accompaniment to a romantic meal, picnic, or any special occasion. It is delicious on its own or with any sort of dip or spread… in fact, I recently had it with fig jam and it was like this bomb ass sweeet and savory situation that made a perfect appetizer!