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Winter Bloom Box


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Introducing the Winter Bloom Box! A seasonal combination of some Super Bloom favorites -- perfect for any celebratory table, makes a great gift, and can be your winter party survival kit.

The box includes: A gorgeous Abundance Loaf, party ready Rainbow Crackers, a 2lb bag of our All Purpose Flour, and 3 shareable Cinnamon Rolls for your sweet tooth.



Abundance Loaf

Our gorgeous, aromatic, winter loaf is full of herbs and spices that bring harmony, prosperity, protection, love, and happiness. It's a perfect addition to any holiday table. Packed with clove, basil, orange, and cinnamon -- this loaf and these magical herbs (baked right into the bread) will bring powerfully charged Abundance energy for the winter season!

Ingredients: Millet, Rice, Tapioca, Potato Starch, Psyllium Husk, Salt, Clove, Basil, Orange Peel, and Cinnamon
    • Clove for protection and love
    • Basil for a wealth of prosperity energy 
    • Orange Peel for happiness, friendship, and energy of the sun 
    • Cinnamon to spice up the spell, loaded with anti-inflammatory antioxidants it has powerful prosperity and lusty attraction


Rainbow Crackers

These gluten-free vegan crackers get their vibrancy from some of our favorite colorful, plant based SUPERFOODS including; beets, chlorella, turmeric, paprika, butterfly pea flower and lemon. Expect the same crispness, heat and natural ingredients as our Fire Crackers with that elevated PRIDE spirit. You get 2 bags ($12 per bag, including shipping) of our extra crispy flatbread crackers. Our Rainbow Fire Crackers bring the party and the heat with a generous dose of Togarashi (yes, just like the bagels). These gorgeous crackers will elevate any cheese board and will stand up to anything you can think to pile on top. As always, our ingredient list is full of clean, healthful things like olive oil, sesame seeds, and psyllium husk to nourish your body!

Ingredients: millet, rice, tapioca, psyllium husk, potato starch, baking soda, olive oil, Togarashi, sesame seeds, beet, turmeric, chlorella, butterfly pea flower, paprika, lemon, salt and raisin juice concentrate



Cinnamon Rolls

Made with our brioche dough, coconut sugar and olive oil this decadent treat is easy to heat up in the microwave or a toaster oven. Sweet enough without the icing (but we won't judge if you add it at home).

Ingredients: Millet, Rice, Tapioca, Potato Starch, Psyllium Husk, Coconut Milk, Olive Oil, Coconut Sugar, Active Dry Yeast, Cinnamon, Salt and Raisin Juice Concentrate



All Purpose Flour

The same flour we use for our delicious bread is now available for purchase! You can use it cup for cup in just about any recipe, gluten-free or not, and the flour needs no added binders to work! This two-pound bag makes 2 full-size (2 lbs) loaves, 6 pizza crusts, a dozen bagels, a bunch of biscuits, and more! We will be posting recipes regularly on our website for you to try!

Ingredients: Millet, Rice, Tapioca, Potato Starch, and Psyllium Husk