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Meet the Team

Lizzy: Head Baker/Product Development

Bread: Loaf and bagel box. If I was a customer I’d order this, with a sourdough and togarashi bagels. The togarashi is my favorite because it’s spicy and super flavorful, full of beneficial foods (like nori) and we are the only ones who make it! It also is a fusion of cultures, just like us.

Blooms: I like roses (so basic but listen...) because they are the workhorses of the flower industry. Billions of roses are scheduled to bloom to the perfect level of open but not all the way open on one day out of the year. These strong flowers stand up to all of our demands with absolute grace, they smell like heaven and are a symbol of love between people. 

Hae: Operations/Logistics


Bread: Our classic sourdough can do no wrong and will always deliver the goods. 
Blooms: Gardenias. I have very fond memories attached to it because my roommate at the time who I adored used to bring them home and place it in a bowl of water in the bathroom or other parts of the house. I also love that the flower forces you to appreciate it as much as possible while it lasts because it bursts with so much fragrance and then it withers away in such a short span of time.

Iylla: Creative Direction


Bread: My favorite product is the FIRE CRACKERS. I love to snack alllll day and the crackers are perfectly appropriate for grazing with dips or almond butter.
Blooms: Marigolds forever 🧡🧡🧡 this flower gives me life. It feels like the sun when I have them around me. They smell like summer -- it's my favorite season, and when they are in bloom and popping up at farmers markets it's pure joy. Marigolds are also used to encourage optimism, good luck, and generally happy thoughts. I feel that.

Ana: Ecommerce Advisor 

Breads: Super Seed, I'm obsessed and could literally eat it three times a day.
Blooms: California poppies, blue hydrangeas, and chamomile! 

Photo credit, Rachel Higgins

Alix: PR Advisor

Breads: The Olive Bread is an absolute favorite, my partner and I can't get enough of it! A loaf rarely lasts more than 24 hours in our house. Also, the fire crackers are addicting ~ on their own, or topped with a creamy cheese and a drizzle of local honey.
Blooms: I'm bloom obsessed. Lately I've been loving on protea and nasturtium, but peonies will always be at the top of my list.

Photo credit, Alicia Cho


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Mom's Toasts

Mom's Toasts
Summers in South Louisiana are the kind of hot that requires twice daily showering. My Mom usually kept sliced summer melons in the fridge and in that heat, it's more satisfying than ice cream. For an afternoon snack, Mom would make something I consider to be a classic sweet and savory flavor combination: cheese toast and cantaloupe. I now realize it isn’t considered a classic by anyone but me.  Continue reading

Commitment to Climate Change

Commitment to Climate Change
Here at Super Bloom, we believe it's OUR responsibility as a company to make moves toward sustainability. One step we’ve taken is our packaging! A while ago, we made the switch to compostable cellophane bags for our breads and other products. We wanted to reduce the amount of plastics in our packaging all together, starting with the bread bags. Continue reading

What is Sourdough?

What is Sourdough?
Our sourdough is made with Millet Psyllium Husk ~ both are ancient super grains packed with protein, antioxidants, and nutrients that help lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels while promoting the body's overall health and well-being. Psyllium husk is also a prebiotic that supports healthy guy bateria improving the body's overall digestive health. Absorbing all of this nutrient packed goodness is made possible because of the wild yeast!  Continue reading

Black History Valentines

Black History Valentines

Black History month is intended to bring awareness to the many prolific ways black people have contributed to society. Music is no exception and we are all blessed to get to enjoy it, share it and use it to express how we feel. This playlist is a love letter to Black History. The songs celebrate love, joy and appreciation. ❤️ - Hae

You can listen here or on Spotify. xx

Album art from Spotify.

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