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Where's my Bread? 

We’ve discovered a better way to get you fresh baked bread. Our new bakery has a very large capacity and we’ve found it's more sustainable to make bread in big giant batches. We would still like to ship the freshest bread possible, but now, instead of baking and shipping in small batches, we’ll be shipping fresh out of the oven bread every two(ish) weeks. So, when you place an order, you’ll be preordering bread for our next bread drop!

This will be better for lots of reasons, but one of the most important is food waste. We’ll only make bread that's already been spoken for, so there will be zero food waste from spoilage or overstocking. We will also be much more consistent and predictable about shipping as all the orders will go out on predetermined days. And YOU will always get the freshest bread possible. We will make announcements via email and social media so make sure you are subscribed and follow us out there!

As we grow our business, we can add more bread drops more often, so make sure you spread the word about us so we can grow faster.

Bread Care Tips

One of the ingredients we use, Tapioca starch, is very rigid when the bread is cool. We cool down the breads before packaging to counter the varying temperature during transit, so it might seem like the bread hardened or isn't fresh. This is normal! Once the bread is left to temper and then heated even slightly, it will soften right up. You can toast it, but you don’t have to toast it for long before it softens! To reheat a slice, microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute and toast or for a full loaf, place in a 350° oven for 10 minutes or until soft to the touch and then slice.

Slicing Your Bread

  • We recommend a high quality serrated bread knife with a steady grip.
  • Slice with a gentle, sawing motion.

CAUTION: Please do not attempt to slice frozen bread as it is easy to cut yourself if the knife slips.

    How do I store my bread?

    Our bags are actually the perfect material to store and keep the breads fresh. The bag tie is reusable/resealable, grab the two ends of the bag tie and twist to tear apart. Keep the bread cool in the fridge for up to a month or slice and place in freezer!


    What ingredients do you use? 

    Ingredient driven bread is a rarity in the gluten free & allergen free world. What do I mean by ingredient driven? Each element of our flour blend has been chosen and tested to give our bread the perfect balance of form, function and flavor. We use Millet for its high nutritional value, however, millet tastes like butter and adds a beautiful yellow hue to the bread. Tapioca starch and Rice flour give our bread its signature bounce, but these grains are also PreBiotics that feed your gut bacteria deep in your digestive system. And the addition of Psyllium Husk not only acts as our gluten replacer, its actually a high fiber digestive supplement added right into the bread. Potato starch gives our bread structure and acts as a resistant starch right alongside the Tapioca and Rice. And Raisin Juice Concentrate makes the bread softer, sweeter and inhibits mold growth the natural way.

    We also use filtered water, salt and a fermented starter from the previous batch. Our mother (the starter) is called Mr. Nice, and she is super sour and resilient. We love her.

    Is the bread vegan/corn free/nut free etc...?

    All of our breads are free of the top 8 allergens: wheat/gluten, dairy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, soy, corn)


    Nutritional Facts

      SOURDOUGH LOAF      




       JALAPENO  BAGEL                  SESAME BAGEL






    How do I edit my subscription? 

    Great question ~ We are working with our subscription development partner to automatically create an account for customers... but in the meantime you'll need to directly sign-up for an account here:  Once you sign-up/sign-in with the email use used to order, then you will be able to see all of your subscriptions, order history, etc. We wish this was more straightforward. 🙄

    1. Sign up for an account 
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    3. Resume subscription when you are ready!