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Refunds & Terms of Service

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We bake every loaf (and bagel!) fresh to order. Please allow 3-5 days for baking and packing.


Anything outside of our delivery area will be shipped two day Priority Mail on Mondays. 


All local orders (Los Angeles, within reasonable driving distance from central LA) get hand delivered by us every afternoon! Please make sure to include instructions if your place is hard to get to (like, in a building that needs a code to enter).


We stand by our products 100%, and as with anything handmade the batches can vary week to week. However, if for any reason you don’t absolutely love the bread, just email us and we will replace/refund/or give you something different to try, no problem.

and...Why we’ll never slice our fresh loaves

Well, for one, sliced bread spoils faster. Fresh loaves can lose moisture very quickly and are more vulnerable to mold once they are sliced.

Slicing bread by hand would be expensive! Since we don’t own an industrial slicer, we would need to hand slice all of our loaves. This can get expensive when labor comes from well paid workers.

To preserve the integrity of our bread, we deliver it unsliced.