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Smoked Summer Peach Jam

Smoked Summer Peach Jam

Whenever I take the time to fire up the smoker, say for a slow smoked brisket or ribs, I like to use the extra small spaces on the grill to smoke things other than meat. One of my favorites was a small pan of sel guerande, a gray french sea salt with a little moisture still in it. The resulting smoked salt was intense and absolutely delicious. 

This year, I had a few peaches in the fridge during July 4th, so I halved and pitted them and nestled the halves around my brisket (not touching, just next to it). Then, I chopped them up, peel and all, tossed them in a pan with coconut sugar and lemon zest. After about 30-45 minutes, I had a gorgeously deep maroon jar of fresh smoked summer peach jam. The smokey aroma of this sweet jam makes it endlessly pairable with sweet AND savory dishes. Imagine it on a turkey sandwich, or a bagel with almond butter and smoked peach jam, use it like chutney with roasted chicken or in a salad dressing to add sweetness and an edge. All of a sudden, your lunch tastes like it deserves a michelin star!

Its so easy to do, and if the grill is fired up, why not?!


1lb peaches

1 cup coconut sugar (or ½ cup cane sugar)

Juice and zest from 1 lemon

A jar for storage


  1. To smoke your peaches: halve them, pit them and place them cut side down on your grill.

-If you are slow smoking at less than 250 degrees, leave the peaches on the grill for an hour or longer

-If you are grilling at a higher temperature, the peaches will be charred instead of slow smoked and cooking time is shorter, just a few minutes until you see char marks on the peaches

  1. Roughly chop your peaches and place them in a small sauce pan over low heat with the sugar and lemon.
  2. Cook and stir often until the peaches are melted and the jam thickens slightly, 30 minutes to an hour
  3. Chill and serve! It should last in the fridge for a couple weeks or longer.
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