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Fried Squash Blossoms

Fried Squash Blossoms

This surprisingly easy recipe is a great end of summer appetizer. You can actually use this delicate tempura batter for any veggie you want to fry. It’s great with mushrooms too . . .



  • 10-20 squash blossoms, mushrooms or any veggie you want to fry

  • 1 cup Super Bloom AP flour

  • 2 tbs sake or white wine

  • ½-1 cup soda water

  • Salt

  • Togarashi

  • Shallow saute pan full of safflower oil (or other neutral frying oil)


  1. Heat oil on medium high until it starts to shimmer.

  2. Mix flour, salt and togarashi then add sake and soda water to make a loose batter. The mixture will thicken as you go, just add more soda water to keep the batter on the thinner side, but thick enough to coat the veggie.

  3. Dip your veggies in the batter to coat and fry your veggies until golden brown and crispy. Work in batches so the veggies will fry evenly, and let the excess oil drip off on a paper towel before serving.

  4. Serve with a dipping sauce like toum, hot sauce, or ranch (I’ll post my superfood vegan ranch recipe soon).

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