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A Better Way to Make Avo Toast

A Better Way to Make Avo Toast


I recommend using an inch thick slice of sourdough. The hefty slice and crispy crust will stand up to the avocado.

::Toasting Methods::

Because sourdough is fermented, it has less residual sugars than yeasted breads. This means the slice won’t brown as quickly because there is less sugar to be caramelized. So, a good toasting method is key to ending up with great Avocado Toast.

The Char Method

Mimicking a wood oven, this method hails from Mexico. Tortillas are often reheated atop an open flame. The charred black edges add a distinct smokey flavor and bitterness that balances out the fattiness of the toppings.

*if you have a gas stove:

Put the slice directly on the burner (NO PAN!) so that the flames hit the bread. Use tongs to move the slice around, flipping it and getting a good, even, black char on both sides.

*if you have an electric stove:

Use your broiler. Let the broiler heat up for at least 10 minutes. Drizzle olive oil on the bread and place the slice as close to the broiler as possible. Watch your toast closely, and don’t over do it! The broiler can dry out the bread.

The Grill Method

If you put a good amount of olive oil into a cast iron skillet, you can almost fry the bread into toast. Hot oil will crisp up the edges and lend a caramelized depth of flavor to your toast.

Heat up a couple of tablespoons of oil into a skillet. Wait until the oil begins to shimmer and move around, but don’t let it start to smoke! Use medium high heat to fry your toast, flipping the bread and running it along the bottom of the pan to sop up the hot oil.



I use one half an avocado per toast. Make sure you pick an avocado that is just the slightest bit under ripe, then cut it in half by running a knife around the pit and loosening one side. Use the side without the pit and reserve the pit side for later.

::Refined Slices::

Starting at the stem edge, peel the skin away from the avocado gently, leaving the fruit whole. Place it cut side down on your cutting board. Using your sharpest knife, cut thin slices while keeping the fruit intact. Scoop up the cut avocado with the side of your knife (be careful!) and place it cut side down on one side of your toast. Push the slices gently across the toast. Fan it out.

::Rustic Curls::

Hold one half of the avocado in the palm of your less dominant hand, cut side out. Using a wide, flat spoon, scoop out ribbons of the avocado, letting it fall in curls on the toast. Pile the curls up higher in the middle.



*layer seasonings in this order: acid, then fat, then salt*

::Pick an Acid::

Don't be afraid to go high end here! Pick a good acid: meyer lemon, key limes, or borrow a lemon from a neighbors tree!

Give your avocado a generous squeeze of acid. My favorite is the ultra rare finger lime. The unique pulp resembles caviar and bursts with a floral lime flavor as you eat it!

::Pick a Fat::

A good, peppery olive oil would be perfect here, but so would sesame oil or even avocado oil! Drizzle about 1 tablespoon, concentrating on the center of the toast.

::Pick a Salt::

I use Himalayan Pink Salt, but a nice flaked maldon sea salt would be delicious. In fact, go to your local spice shop and grab a fancy salt! I’ve used charcoal salt, citrus salt . . . whatever you choose will add another dimension to your toast.



Most people think of garnish as just decoration. However, garnish presents us with a unique opportunity to add pops of flavor and spice, or to load up on nutrient dense add ons.

::Some Ideas::

Red Pepper Flakes

Yes, the tiny packets that come with delivery pizza just so happen to be filled with an incredible spice! Sprinkle it on your toast for a little kick (and color, eat the rainbow).

Sesame Seeds

These nutrient dense seeds are a delicious toast topper and add warmth and earthy-ness to your toast.

Fresh Dill

Do not use dried herbs! Treat yourself to a fresh bunch of dill. Pick just the delicate fronds from the dill and gently drape it over the dressed avocado. Dill is not only beautiful, it adds an herbaceous punch to the toast.


Microgreens are an absolute treat atop a well crafted avocado toast. They are the definition of superfood, packing loads of nutrients and flavor into a tiny gorgeous bouquet. Any sprout will do! Some of my favorites are micro herbs, onion sprouts or chive blossoms. If you can get your hands on some onion sprouts, don’t hesitate, they taste amazing!

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